a Play-To-Earn massively multiplayer online video game.



In the vast expanse of our solar system, a great divide forms between the alien races. The United Earth Alliance (UEA), led by the Humans, Nordics, Pleiadians, and Arcturians, envisions a galaxy where all races coexist, trade, and explore the mysteries of the universe together. They established their main base on Earth, with outposts on Venus, Neptune, and Uranus.

On the other side, the Draconian Empire, led by the Draconians, believes in the dominance of the galaxy. The Reptilians, Zeta Reticulans, Martians, and Andromedans join them. Their primary base is Saturn, with strongholds on Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto.

Tensions between the two factions escalated when the Draconian Faction attempted to harness the Sun's immense energy to create a superweapon. The UEA launched a preemptive strike, catching wind of this plan and igniting the Great Solar War. Battles rage across planets, each race using its unique abilities and technologies.

The Zeta Reticulans use their telepathic skills to intercept UEA communications. Meanwhile, the Pleiadians tap into their deep connection with nature to heal and rejuvenate UEA troops. As the war intensifies, whispers of a Galactic Council form, suggesting a potential peace negotiation. But trust is scarce, and the path to peace is treacherous.

In this volatile galaxy, the lines between friend and foe blur. As a new participant in this cosmic dance, where will you stand?

The UEA seeks allies for peace and exploration, while the Draconian Empire offers power and dominance. Choose your side, pilot, and shape the fate of the galaxy.


Choose your planetary faction, join a guild and jump straight into the action. AYYO enables dynamic gameplay on a massive scale, with an active competitive scene.

Battle to Defend Earth!


Play with your friends, casually or competitively and earn crypto while doing it! Upgrade your gear, buy and sell virtual goods on the blockchain or withdraw your earnings!


Prove your worth as a gladiator in the space arena, conquer unknown territories or build an infrastructure for your guild - AYYO has something for every gamer with limitless playstyle possibilities

Duel Modes, Challenge Modes, Competitive Ladders!
Assemble the squad we defending Earth today!


Start a guild, assemble an enclave, claim your territory. Build a true virtual space empire! Amass wealth and power, maintain an in-game image, form alliances and expand your influences across the galaxy!


The tech that makes AYYO the next big thing in play-to-earn MMO.


Real-time celestial
maps based on NASA


Click-to-Use Advanced AI Behaviors to navigate your ship.


Play on multiple monitors spanning across networked computers


Unique Item Types with
Unique Iteractions


Alien Factions to
choose from


Unique Interactions
(more than the total atoms in the universe)


Real-time player
capability on one map

AYYO Guild Key Mint is LIVE



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Initial Alpha Prototype

Revisiting an old childhood dream of building a massively multiplayer space game, we started January 2023.

In three short months, we've built a scalable and robust base to achieve our dream.


Launch of Public Alpha

Open the gates.
Enter EtherSpace.

AYYO is open to all who wish to start their adventure in EtherSpace.

Make friends, earn crypto. Get a chance to sharpen your skills and win in-game rewards for early adopters.


Global Auto-Scale

Low-latency Regional Global Auto-Scaling Servers

Only fast games! Fun for the entire world! More servers, more regions, global reach.

Taking our Alpha from a single data center to over 11 globally distributed regions, AYYO delivers optimal ping times to any number of players.


Enter the AYYOVerse

Integrated Discord Battle Summaries and Voice Chat allow players to communicate with each other in real-time.

Discuss strategies, trade, and even make new friends.

Featuring an AI DJ broadcast to keep players synchronized in battle.


AYYO Guilds Color Key Mint

Kickstarting Guilds with a state-of-the-art smart contract puzzle that rewards players with ETH.

Embrace the AYYO Alpha and be one of the first to own a Space Guild.


Yantra Launches

Open Doors and Control Guilds.

Start a guild, assemble an enclave, claim your territory. Build a true virtual space empire! Amass wealth and power, maintain an in-game image, form alliances and expand your influences across the galaxy!

PixelSpace Collaborative Canvas

Grab your paintbrush and claim your pixels!

PixelSpace collaborative canvas allows AYYO players to customize the game by drawing directly on the game's background canvas for all to see.

Be a Pixel Baron, Buying and Selling Pixels! Just think of all the rocket ships!


Custom Games and Servers

Custom maps and game modes are the lifeblood of some of our favorite online games. AYYO is no different; we love custom maps and custom game modes.

Not only do we support Custom Games, but we also support entire custom Game Servers and Custom Guild Servers!

Configure our own AYYO game at the level you feel comfortable with. Publish custom maps others can play. Design your own AYYO solar system and invite players to explore it. Build a glorious citadel for your Guild with custom scripts and user code.


EtherSpace Auction House

The Auction House is open to all apes!

The EtherSpace Auction House is AYYO's Premiere service for trading virtual goods and real-estates in-game. Dominate the Galatic economy to become a true baron of space.


64 Unique Item Types 13 Unique Factions

There are an estimated 10^82 atoms in the observable universe. With sixty-four unique item interactions and thirteen unique player factions, AYYO features over 10^90 possible individual interactions.

Dive into the deep meta of AYYO. Experience new interactions each day. Master a virtually unlimited list of skill sets.


Launch of Competetive Ladder

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Can you fight your way to the top of the ladder?

With a galactic level of ship configurations, AYYO offers a 2d competitive scene with no rival. Pick your Ship. Choose your weapons and items. Pack your AYYO. Battle fierce competitors to the top to gain fame and riches!

AYYO, it's a game. Let's play!



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