Minting Guarantees Guild Ownership.
Collect The Set And Get 144 ETH.

Keys Minted: 2/505

Status: 0/13 Rewards Claimed

0.5 ETH + Gas


Guilds and Color Keys

Guilds in AYYO are hierarchical with Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary levels. Each Guild level grants additional in-game benefits.

Even if you don't collect a redeemable set, owning a Color Key will grant you ownership of a Guild and open any Door or Chest of that color or its descendant colors. Players can test any of these features in-game without the use MetaMask.

Set Distribution

505 Color Keys Available
(12) Primary ( 2.38% of Set )
(58) Secondary ( 11.49% of Set )
(435) Tertiary ( 86.13% of Set )

There are (12) Color Key Sets available to claim, each rewarding 12 ETH. These sets require 1 Primary Key, 1 Secondary Key, and 1 Tertiary Key.

In addition, there is also a 13th reward of 10 ETH for anyone who can find Jealous Jellyfish #c0009f; it's a Tertiary Key, so be on alert!

Once you have your keys and the secret password, you can attempt to solve the puzzle in-game with MetaMask, or directly on the blockchain.

A player may only use a Color Key once in a valid claim. Colors Keys are temporarily non-transferable once claimed until all puzzles are solved.

Color Keys can be minted in-game while playing AYYO, or traded with other players on Opensea. You may also mint from the smart contract.


A: Hello :-) This NFT Mint intends to distribute ownership of Guilds in AYYO, a massively multiplayer game we are building. Each unique color key represents ownership of a Guild. We are using this puzzle to help test the game and to help build a community of Alpha players interested in owning and running a Guild in AYYO.

A: Yes! You can test out the features of any AYYO Color Key in-game without paying. In any Melee or Custom Game Modes, Color Keys may be freely picked up and used without MetaMask or any NFTs.

A: Yes. You will need to pay to Mint an AYYO Color Key. The cost of minting a Color Key is 0.5 ETH + gas.

A: There are (12) main redeemable sets available to claim, each rewarding 12 ETH. These sets require (1) of each key from the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary groups. There is a 13th reward available, which requires only finding Key: 495, Jealous Jellyfish ( #c0009f ). Players may only redeem rewards once all 505 NFTs are minted.

A: Yes, you must figure out the secret password to solve the puzzle. Players can find the secret password by playing AYYO. We have placed a sign in-game near Uranus to help give players a clue. The sign pops up about once a day.

A: Absolutely not. We will make no promises about the value of any of the NFTs outside of their verified and provable puzzle reward via the immutable smart contract. The utility of the AYYO Color Key NFT is ownership of an in-game Guild and all the benefits of that ownership.

A: Great question! AYYO Color Keys are used to indicate ownership of a Guild in AYYO. Guild owners can invite members to their Guild and access additional in-game features. Each Guild has their own unique colored dimensional area exclusive to the Guild for building Guild Bases. Guilds can work together or alone to control Factions, Planets, and entire space sectors.

We plan to use the Color Key system as AYYO's core permission model for generating unique gameplay experiences, as we can roll out new features and content targeted to specific colors using Color Theory and other techniques. Simply put, these 505 color keys are the building blocks for the vast online world we are building, AYYO.